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Joint Replacement
Arthritis from any cause damages the shape and smoothness of the gliding surface and can cause severe pain and disability. Very often this can only be relieved  by replacing the surface by artificial surfaces. This provides tremendous pain relief. Certain activities may be restricted (i.e., squatting) but mobility is enhanced. It has now become a routine procedure with an established track record with minimal complications.
We are presently performing total joint replacement of :
  • Shoulders
The present survival rate is approximately 15 yrs.(+/- 3yrs)
Complications (<1%)
  • Infection
  • Deep vein thrombosis (clots forming in veins)
  • Loosening
These may be enhanced by other concurrent medical problems like diabetics, chronic lung problems. Nevertheless the enhanced mobility following joint replacement will actually help with the above chronic conditions
We use the best imported world class implants.





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