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Pediatric Orthopedics
This is a specialised area and we have surgeons specially trained for Pediatric orthopedics. It covers deformities (from birth or developed later due to injuries or diseases ) limb length discrepancies, (i.e.,short limb), muscle weakness, metabolic bone disease and tumors - both benign and malignant.
We treat and perform:
  • Developmental Dysplastic Hips.(Dislocation / Unstable)
    • Pelvic osteotomies
    • Derotation osteotomies
    • Shelf procedures
    • Femoral shortening
    • Joint replacement in late cases
  • Congential Club feet
    • Manipulation and plaster correction
    • Surgical correction
    • External fixation with Dynamic Correction
    • Triple arthrodesis
  • Knock knees / Bow legs
    • Correction osteotomies with fixation
  • Limb length equalising

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